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Hi there! 👋

I'm C3n7ral051nt4g3ncy (Central OSINT Agency), AKA (also known as) OSINT Tactical 🕵️‍♂️

I'm an OSINT Analyst & Researcher, highly dedicated and passionate about open-source intelligence, social media intelligence (SOCMINT), and cybersecurity (CyberSec).

You can find more information about me and my work here.

A few details:

  • I am based in the EU (European Union)
  • I love making new OSINT projects, and I have made 2 python tools for the Cyber | OSINT community, a project called OSINT Inception in combination with a Google Custom Search Engine, I have also written a few tutorials such as one on cURL, and various CTF write-ups.
  • I am currently working on new tutorials and new OSINT Python Tools/Scripts.
  • Sponsorship is important for me as it helps to pay for my OSINT Tools, the Python IDE's that I use as I have the professional versions, and sponsorship would help me to purchase new equipment.

A huge thanks in advance for your help! 👍

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