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Carlo Costanzo

Orlando, Florida

Hi there 👋
I'm Carlo and this is my little spot on GitHub. If you look below, you can find my repo based on my Smart Home Bear Stone. Based on Home Assistant and updated quite frequently, I try to inspire others with the types of automation and gear I am using in my home. The configuration you see is the live working configuration I am currently running in the house.

I also have a small YouTube Channel that I use to explain some of my automation. I also put out videos detailing the Home Assistant Change Logs so people can watch from their living room instead of reading in a browser.

If you find my work and contributions useful and you would like to encourage me to do more of it, you can become a GitHub sponsor of mine. Of course, if sponsorship isn't your thing, please continue to just watch, share, and comment on my pages and videos.

Thank you so much and I'll see you in the comments!

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It would be pretty amazing and extremely humbling to get 10 people who find my contributions worthy enough that they would consider clicking that sponsorship button. 💖


Featured work

  1. CCOSTAN/Home-AssistantConfig

    🏠 Home Assistant configuration & Documentation for my Smart House. Write-ups, videos, part lists, and links throughout. Be sure to ⭐ it. Updated FREQUENTLY!

    JavaScript 4,712
  2. CCOSTAN/BlogPostStorage

    Place to store my Blog post attachments for

    PowerShell 5

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