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Denys Séguret

Lyon, France

I'm Denys, also kown as Canop or dystroy.

Passionate about dev tools and dev ergonomics, I share my time between freelancing and building free open-source.

I'd like to be able to continue doing both, and contribute even more to the linux and Rust ecosystems.

The programs I maintain:

broot, a novel and powerful terminal file explorer and manager

bacon, a background file checker for Rust programers

safecloset, a safe secret and password store, avoiding the common pitfalls of the category

rhit, a nginx long analyzer, running without preparation and leaving no trash behind

dysk, which displays information regarding your disks and file systems "like df+lsblk but better"

... and Miaou, backdown, squale, lapin, mazter... and the many ones that I didn't find the time yet to finish and share.

The libraries I maintain:

lazy-regex, which allows regular expressions in Rust to be checked at compile time, compiled only once, and more conveniently and safely called

deser-hjson, which brings the ergonomics of Hjson to Rust programs so that you don't have to configure them with yaml, JSON, TOML, or other ill-suited languages

... and termimad, clap-help, bet, etc.

With GithHub sponsorship, I'd like to:

  • be confirmed that what I build for everyone to use freely is useful and appreciated

  • be able to free more time for open-souce while still feeding my family

  • be aided in paying for the dedicated server hosting my programs and all the involved hardware

More about me on my site:


With 3000$ per month I could dedicate most of my time to building new free libraries and programs and improving the existing ones.

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Past sponsors 10
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Featured work

  1. Canop/broot

    A new way to see and navigate directory trees :

  2. Canop/rhit

    A nginx log explorer

    Rust 818
  3. Canop/dysk

    A linux utility to get information on filesystems, like df but better

    Rust 855
  4. Canop/bacon

    background rust code check

    Rust 1,598
  5. Canop/lazy-regex

    lazy static regular expressions checked at compile time

    Rust 175
  6. Canop/safecloset

    Cross-platform Secure TUI Secret Locker

    Rust 88

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