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If you appreciate my work and have found that any of my open source contributions have made your development easier, a sponsorship would be greatly appreciated! It will be used to keep the projects up to date and as bug free as possible!

1 sponsor has funded Daltron’s work.


Featured work

  1. Daltron/NotificationBanner

    The easiest way to display highly customizable in app notification banners in iOS

    Swift 4,737
  2. Daltron/RxAlamoRecord

    RxAlamoRecord combines the power of the AlamoRecord and RxSwift libraries to create a networking layer that makes interacting with API's easier than ever reactively.

    Swift 9
  3. Daltron/Spartan

    An Elegant Spotify Web API Library Written in Swift for iOS and macOS

    Swift 110
  4. Daltron/BigBoard

    An Elegant Financial Markets Library Written in Swift

    Swift 67
  5. tunespeak/AlamoRecord

    An elegant yet powerful iOS networking layer inspired by ActiveRecord.

    Swift 18
  6. Daltron/KeyboardSpy

    The Easiest Way to Observe Keyboard Notifications in iOS

    Swift 9

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