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Hello! I work on archival software with a little bit of miscellaneous C# on the side.
Sponsorships obtained here will probably entirely go towards server funds.
You might also indirectly fund a smidge of gacha addiction and I apologize in advance for it 😀

$5+ sponsors can get a cheap LRR sticker pack sent their way as a modest thank-you:



This'd pay for an Xbox series X through the all access program which would be pretty cool, the disk drive on my OG xbone is dying πŸ™ƒ

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Featured work

  1. Difegue/LANraragi

    Web application for archival and reading of manga/doujinshi. Lightweight and Docker-ready for NAS/servers.

    Perl 2,052
  2. Difegue/Stylophone

    A pretty coolℒ️ MPD client in .NET. Based on MpcNET.

  3. Difegue/Karen

    🐝 Windows Bootstrapper for LANraragi using WSL.

    C# 5
  4. Difegue/Tsukihi

    🐦 Browser WebExtension for LANraragi.

    JavaScript 40
  5. Difegue/DoujinSoft

    Web Shop/Archive for WarioWare DIY games.

    Java 51
  6. Difegue/action-perlcritic

    Run Perl Critic on your codebase.

    Shell 6

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This is the tier I'm hoping people set up and then forget about.

I think you also get a badge for bragging rights or something?

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The sticker tier! If you select this or higher be sure to hit me up with your postal address below.

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Have your bug reports prioritized πŸ˜‰