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Who Am I?

My name is Dane Mackier, I am a front-end-focused Software developer. I started my career as a professional games developer, where I built a cross-platform scripting engine using cocos2dx and C++. Our team then moved to Unreal where I did the same thing in 3D.

This gave me unique insights into cross-platform development in the games industry which piqued my curiosity for that same technology in the mobile app space. I then started a development agency that built apps for clients in Xamarin. 4 years into that I found Flutter and Dart and saw its superior experience and recreated my Agency as FilledStacks, focused on Flutter and Dart Development.

What Am I working on?

As I started building applications in Flutter I realized there is no clear guidance on how to build large apps maintained by more than 1 developer. A code base like this usually requires proper file structure, and clear separation of concerns, and in most cases should be a setup in a way that makes testing easy. I then started working on Stacked, an open-source Flutter Framework focused on building production applications.

In addition to the application framework, my second most popular project is the ResponsiveBuilder project. This is a Flutter package designed specifically to make the building of responsive UI's easier to read and to clearly separate the layout of the UI for each specific device type/size.

Why Sponsor me?

If you and your team are benefiting from the time and effort I put into creating a great developer experience with my software my heart is happy. It would make me even happier if I could spend more time on these projects and thinking about its future. The potential is limitless, time and money is not. Consider sponsoring me for continued development of the project.

How will I use the money?

  1. Cost for hosting the docs, the monthly github org payments and build minutes.
  2. Time invested into making free and detailed videos for my projects
  3. More time writing Stacked docs instead of making videos to create opportunities for me to do this full time for a long time.
  4. I would like to create detailed devlogs of all the changes for the project to build a great community of contributors.

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