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Who am I?

Hey everyone! I'm a software developer from Toronto with 9+ years of experience and a passion for building things. I'm mostly known in the open source community for my work on Tox, a decentralized peer-to-peer messenger and video chat application. I've lead development of and maintained the ncurses-based Toxic client, written numerous Tox bots, and wrote a new groupchat implementation from scratch (which has been stalled for quite some time due to time constraints).

Aside from that, I've also done work on blockchain related software (EOS decentralized apps), as well as a bit of back-end web development. My most recent project is a security-focused desktop password manager called SpicyPass.


Unfortunately I no longer have the time to work on all these projects for free. I've had to put most of my FOSS development on the back burner while I tend to life. However, open source software is my passion, and if people want to pay me for my work, I'll gladly make it my priority. Weather it's finishing the long awaited new Tox groupchat implementation, adding new features to Toxic, developing SpicyPass further, or something entirely new, I'm eager to get to work and start building useful things for people to use.

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This will let me know that at least a handful of people out there find value in my work, which is all that really matters.

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Featured work

  1. JFreegman/toxic

    A Tox-based instant messaging and video chat client

  2. JFreegman/SpicyPass

    A light-weight password manager with a focus on simplicity and security

    C++ 369
  3. JFreegman/ToxBot

    A groupchat control bot for Tox

  4. JFreegman/rustybot

    A Tox groupchat trivia bot

    Rust 15
  5. JFreegman/toxcrawler

    A Tox DHT network crawler

  6. JFreegman/toxstats

    Front and back-end code for a tox network statistics website

    JavaScript 1

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