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Joaquim Ley

Remote, Planet Earth

With sponsors I'll be able to devote more of my time into creating content to share with the community, although not required, it will allow me to treat it (as small as it may be) as an income source that needs care.

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The first five! This would mean I'm helping at least a small team 💪. That means A LOT!


Featured work

  1. JoaquimLey/faboptions

    A multi-functional FAB component with customizable options

    Java 1,043
  2. JoaquimLey/avenging

    MVP pattern example on Android: no Dagger or RxJava example

    Java 277
  3. JoaquimLey/transport-eta

    Twitch streamed 🎥playground repo, README speaks to you.

    Kotlin 224
  4. JoaquimLey/jcenter-config

    Painlessly publish your library/project to jcenter() with these simple scripts.

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