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I am the Creator and main contributor for a bunch of projects:

  • Eternal Terminal: a replacement for SSH that keeps your connection alive
  • ReAgent: A platform for AI reasoning
  • MAMEHub: A way to play arcade and console games online with friends

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Featured work

  1. MisterTea/EternalTerminal

    Re-Connectable secure remote shell

  2. MisterTea/MAMEHub

    Netplay-capable multi-machine emulator

  3. MisterTea/HyperNEAT

    The original implementation of HyperNEAT in C++

    C++ 91
  4. MisterTea/TidalWave

    Tidal wave is a modern interpretation of a wiki engine intended for teams to both collaborate in real-time and keep rich, living documentation on their projects.

    JavaScript 36
  5. MisterTea/ZombieDB

    ZombieDB is a database wrapper for people who can't think about database internals because they are too busy making awesome happen.

    Java 13
  6. MisterTea/MemeGenerator

    Share jokes with your team

    JavaScript 13

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