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A love seeing my random projects turn into useful solutions that folk can use for free.
I honestly take great pride in being able to help people do a thing.

My background is that I work in cybersecurity and love golang!

So you'll find that I have a major focus on security and usability of the tools and software I build.


This is largely arbitrary, as Im just happy to see people using and interacting with the tools I create. Having someone actually sponsor me to do what I love doing would just blow my mind. If I reach ten... I'll have even more fun? Maybe? I would definitely feel very humbled by it.

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Featured work

  1. NHAS/reverse_ssh

    SSH based reverse shell

  2. NHAS/wag

    Simple Wireguard 2FA

  3. NHAS/aerohive-autoroot

    Privilege escalation on aerohive devices

    Go 4
  4. NHAS/aerohive-keygen

    Generate key for hidden _shell CLI option

    Go 10

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