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Niek van der Maas

Utrecht, The Netherlands

I'm Niek, entrepreneur and software developer based in The Netherlands 🇳🇱

I'm maintaining and developing a couple of open source projects right now:

  • OBS-web, a popular web frontend for the OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) streaming software
  • superview, a tool to stretch videos from a 4:3 to 16:9 ratio in a non-linear way, used mainly by FLV pilots
  • ghost-cursor, a tool to emulate humanized mouse behavior in Puppeteer

Supporting me will allow me to spend more time on these projects, and make it possible to implement requested features.

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This will allow me to work 1 full day a week at my open source projects


Featured work

  1. Niek/obs-web

    OBS-web - the easiest way to control OBS remotely

    Svelte 1,096
  2. Niek/superview

    A small program that takes a 4:3 aspect ratio video file, and transforms it to a 16:9 video using the GoPro SuperView method

  3. Xetera/ghost-cursor

    🖱️ Generate human-like mouse movements with puppeteer or on any 2D plane

    TypeScript 992

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