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Ahmed W.

Texas, USA

Thank you for considering supporting my open source work!

I've been involved in the open source community for almost 20 years, started by maintaining a few Gentoo Linux kernel patchsets in the early 2000s and now mostly contributions to Go and Go-based projects.

I also maintain a few open source projects.

It is my hope that, with your support, I will be able to spend more time working on open source projects in a sustainable way.

Featured work

  1. golang/vscode-go

    Go extension for Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript 3,770
  2. OneOfOne/xxhash

    A native implementation of the excellent XXHash hashing algorithm.

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More brain fuel, aka coffee.

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Your contribution is greatly appreciated! This would give me more time to work on Open Source projects!

$50 a month


If your business depends on open source software I maintain, this generous contribution will allow me to continue working on it regularly.

Please do reach out to let me know what software that is, and I'll be happy to discuss its future plans!