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OpenMined is a non-profit that facilitates access to non-public data, AIs, and APIs without obtaining a copy of the data. We do this by building a new kind of web server, PySyft, to unlock 1000x more data in every scientific field.


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Featured work

  1. OpenMined/PySyft

    Perform data science on data that remains in someone else's server

    Python 9,342
  2. OpenMined/syft.js

    The official Syft worker for Web and Node, built in Javascript

    JavaScript 147
  3. OpenMined/PyDP

    The Python Differential Privacy Library. Built on top of:

    Python 488
  4. OpenMined/SyferText

    A privacy preserving NLP framework

    Python 196
  5. OpenMined/TenSEAL

    A library for doing homomorphic encryption operations on tensors

    C++ 770

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