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Peculiar Ventures open source work was born when we saw "The Most Dangerous Code in the World" paper, and recognized that people commonly misunderstand the complexity and nuance of authentication systems, public key infrastructure, and enterprise security and importantly are missing the tools and libraries that let them do the right things easily.

Peculiar Ventures consists of enthusiasts in 3 countries with the main office in Kirkland, WA (USA). We have several commercial projects as well that focus on digital signatures, remote identification, certificates, smartcards, and PDFs.

Peculiar Ventures' libraries get a half-million downloads on GitHub weekly with hundreds of dependencies.

We need your sponsorship to enable ongoing support and enhancement to the libraries we produced.


Reaching this goal will enable Peculiar Ventures' ongoing support and enhancement to the libraries we produced.

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Featured work

  1. PeculiarVentures/PKI.js

    PKI.js is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses). It is built on WebCrypto…

    TypeScript 1,244
  2. PeculiarVentures/ASN1.js

    ASN1js is a pure JavaScript library implementing a full ASN.1 BER decoder and encoder.

    TypeScript 261
  3. PeculiarVentures/webcrypto

    A WebCrypto Polyfill for NodeJS

    TypeScript 180
  4. PeculiarVentures/node-webcrypto-ossl

    A WebCrypto Polyfill for Node in TypeScript built on OpenSSL.

    C++ 126
  5. PeculiarVentures/asn1-schema

    asn1-schema is a collection of TypeScript schemas that make working with common ASN.1 objects easy

    TypeScript 31
  6. PeculiarVentures/pkcs11js

    A Node.js implementation of the PKCS#11 2.40 interface

    C++ 107

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Support us in creating better documentation, and examples for these libraries.

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Help us cover infrastructure costs relating to developing and maintaining these libraries. For example GitHub, CI, Compute, and more.

Supporters at this level and above will gain access to a private Slack channel where you can reach us more quickly for support.

$25 a month


Take the team out to lunch and help us send the team to relevant conferences.

$50 a month


Support us in purchasing the hardware necessary (such as Smart Cards, Hardware Security Modules, and more) to build and support the libraries.

$100 a month


Enable us to build new libraries and applications and video explainers of related technologies.

Your recommendations will carry additional weight when doing the prioritization of what projects to take on.

$200 a month


Get your name or company logo included in the and be mentioned in any public speaking or blogs where we discuss the sponsored project.