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We have created this organization to help small and medium sized companies reduce costs by switching to open-source projects and also make their workflow faster than ever before.

Currently, we are focused on a project called Passky which is a secure, open-source and lightweight passwords manager. As we have spent so much love and time on providing you with free and open-source software, donations would help us a lot.

We also host Passky Servers and Passky Website on our virtual private servers for you, so you don't need to pay anything to use it!

2 sponsors have funded Rabbit-Company’s work.


Featured work

  1. Rabbit-Company/Passky-Server

    Server for Passky (password manager)

    PHP 162
  2. Rabbit-Company/Passky-Desktop

    Desktop application for Passky (password manager)

    JavaScript 57
  3. Rabbit-Company/Passky-Website

    Website for Passky (password manager)

    JavaScript 27
  4. Rabbit-Company/Passky-Browser-Extension

    Browser Extension for Passky (password manager)

    JavaScript 20
  5. Rabbit-Company/Passky-Android

    Android application for Passky (password manager)

    JavaScript 40
  6. Rabbit-Company/RabbitMonitor

    Simple server monitor

    Python 4

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$10 a month


Support our work, to continue providing free and open-source software.