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RandomCoderOrg is a randomly named organization for the udroid project (running ubuntu on android via termux in a better way) and its base.

Working on more projects soon...

you becoming a sponsor will help us a lot from a morning coffee to motivation for blown open-source projects. and get the perks, and mention on releases and project main pages. ( cause its the love from you guys that makes us keep on working 💟 )

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. RandomCoderOrg/ubuntu-on-android

    Run Ubuntu with pre-installed Desktop Environments in android/termux with ease! Everything is preinstalled so just download install and done🚀🚀

    Shell 1,092
  2. RandomCoderOrg/fs-cook

    making a better environment for building linux tarballs ( udroid )

    Shell 21
  3. RandomCoderOrg/manjaro-arm-termux-proot

    manjaro aarch64 rootfs build for termux/proot users

    Python 7
  4. RandomCoderOrg/ubuntu-arm64-qemu

    small qemu container with minimal rootfs with systemd

    Shell 11
  5. RandomCoderOrg/udroid-wiki

    udroid Documentation & wiki

  6. RandomCoderOrg/udroid-extra-tool-proot

    [WIP] a tool to manage basic things in udroid or any proot environment

    Python 2

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