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Dave Patrick

Central Luzon, Philippines

First of all, thanks for considering donating!

Hi, I am Dave Patrick. I maintain and develop applications, such as Kooha and Mousai, mainly for the GNOME desktop.

These apps are free and open-source and always will be. If you like any of the apps, backing me through donating would be great. It will not only help maintain the applications but also support me as an independent developer.


It will allow me to cover some of my expenses during college, and it would mean a lot for me.

Featured work

  1. SeaDve/Kooha

    Elegantly record your screen

    Rust 2,386
  2. SeaDve/Mousai

    Identify songs in seconds

    Rust 948
  3. SeaDve/Delineate

    View and edit graphs

    Rust 33
  4. SeaDve/Breathing

    Relax and meditate

    Python 57
  5. SeaDve/gsettings-macro

    Macro for typesafe GSettings key access

    Rust 3
  6. SeaDve/mpris-server

    Implement MPRIS D-Bus interface in your application

    Rust 19

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