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Sven Fehler

Stuttgart, Germany

I'm a 22 year old developer from Stuttgart, Germany and I am interested in open source software and the ins and outs of how computers work and how to force them to spit out useful stuff.
With your sponsorship I will be creating free to use APIs, libraries, indie games and other software for my fellow developers and for technology enthusiasts and make some consumer-grade software and games on the side.
My end goal as a developer is to improve the lives of people all over the world, even if it's something small. With your sponsorship you will help me achieve that.

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Reaching this goal will completely cover my server and domain costs and will help me focus on my projects instead. It would mean the world to me if you can help me reach it in any way :)

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Featured work

  1. Sv443-Network/SvCoreLib

    Core Library used in the projects of Sv443 and the Sv443 Network, containing tons of miscellaneous quality of life features

    JavaScript 2
  2. Sv443/BetterYTM

    Userscript that improves YT Music with tons of quality of life improvements such as better lyrics lookup, finer volume control and lots more general layout and usability improvements

    TypeScript 27
  3. Sv443/geniURL

    REST API that searches for song metadata, including the lyrics URL, translations and more from - supports JSON and XML

    TypeScript 5

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