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Sonu Sharma

Mathura (UP) India

my name is Sonu Sharma. I'm a software engineer living in India. 
Currently, my main focus is working on Flutter projects and maintaining OSS packages.

For me, sponsorship is important because it shows that my work is appreciated. Also, it's way easier to explain to my family, why I spend so much time on community work 😉

If you or your company use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider backing me so I can continue maintaining and evolving all my projects and new ones.


Sonu Sharma


Reaching this goal will help me in buying my coffees.

Featured work

  1. TheAlphamerc/flutter_ecommerce_app

    E-Commerce App built in flutter

    Dart 2,954
  2. TheAlphamerc/flutter_twitter_clone

    Fully functional Twitter clone built in flutter framework using Firebase realtime database and storage

    Dart 3,736
  3. TheAlphamerc/filterlist

    filterList is a flutter package which provide utility to search/filter data from provided dynamic list.

    Dart 203
  4. TheAlphamerc/flutter-GitConnect

    A Github mobile app built in flutter

    Dart 146
  5. TheAlphamerc/country_provider

    A flutter plugin to provide information about countries.

    Dart 23
  6. TheAlphamerc/unsplash-image-picker

    React library to search and select photos from Unsplash

    TypeScript 18

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