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Hey there, thanks for checking out my GitHub sponsors profile! I currently develop and maintain a number of open-source projects, mainly related to C++ and CMake, but I also do a number of other languages as well, including TypeScript, Rust and Python. If you want to see more of my work, check out my website at!

Supporting me is a great way to show appreciation for my work and help me maintain and publish more open-source projects!


10 sponsors will encourage me to devote more time to open source projects!

Featured work

  1. TheLartians/ModernCppStarter

    πŸš€ Kick-start your C++! A template for modern C++ projects using CMake, CI, code coverage, clang-format, reproducible dependency management and much more.

    CMake 4,141
  2. cpm-cmake/CPM.cmake

    πŸ“¦ CMake's missing package manager. A small CMake script for setup-free, cross-platform, reproducible dependency management.

    CMake 2,680
  3. TheLartians/PEGParser

    πŸ’‘ Build your own programming language! A C++17 PEG parser generator supporting parser combination, memoization, left-recursion and context-dependent grammars.

    C++ 234
  4. TheLartians/modern-wasm-starter

    πŸ›Έ Run C++ code on web and create blazingly fast websites! A starter template to easily create WebAssembly packages using type-safe C++ bindings with automatic TypeScript declarations.

    TypeScript 232
  5. TheLartians/EasyIterator

    πŸƒ Iterators made easy! Zero cost abstractions for designing and using C++ iterators.

    C++ 135
  6. TheLartians/Format.cmake

    πŸ’… Stylize your code! Automatic clang-format and cmake-format targets for CMake.

    Python 146

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