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I love to build distributed and networked services and am especially fond of Rust πŸ¦€ and Linux πŸ‘‘
I am currently working on the future of data integration.

In the public space I have built and maintain the following:

And check out my featured repo's below πŸ˜„

Featured work

  1. TimeToogo/tunshell

    Remote shell into ephemeral environments 🐚 πŸ¦€

    Rust 767
  2. TimeToogo/ff-proxy

    A UDP to TCP proxy server for sending HTTP requests with zero roundtrips

  3. TimeToogo/spotify-hr

    Spotify HR app for the FitBit Versa & Ionic

    JavaScript 15
  4. TimeToogo/remote-pty

    Tricking shells into interactive mode when local PTY's are not available

    Rust 141
  5. TimeToogo/Pinq

    PHP Integrated Query, a real LINQ library for PHP

    PHP 460

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