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👋 About Me

I'm Michael Fabian Dirks, also known as Xaymar, and am a german programmer mostly working in open source (but also available for contracted work). My primary skills lie in C and C++ programming, but I've also dabbled in Lua, Java and Rust, with minor skills in Python, Perl, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Sometimes I do streams over on Twitch or upload content to YouTube but most of the time what I do is just coding.

💡 My Projects

StreamFX (for OBS Studio)

One of the biggest plugins for OBS Studio which extends it with many needed sources, filters, transitions and encoders. With it many creators have upgraded their stream quality beyond what is normally possible, such as with the NVENC Streaming Guide.

FFmpeg for Windows

FFmpeg on Windows has always been a problematic thing, as the FFmpeg maintainers still use a Unix-specific Makefile. After Zeranoe stopped releasing Windows binaries for FFmpeg, I've decided to step up and at least in part cover the lack of Windows binaries.

VoiceFX (VST2, VST3)

Apply the denoising effect from RTX Voice/Broadcast in post, with any VST 2/3 compatible host! Don't limit yourself to real-time processing, instead lift your production quality up with post-processing at higher quality than real-time. If you're a Tier 2 Supporter, please contact me on Discord for your role to get the VST 2.x version!

And many more:

  • VST2 SDK: A clean-room attempt at reverse engineering the VST 2.x SDK, using nothing but pure system behavior and coding knowledge. Used by VoiceFX.
  • (WIP Title) DataPath: Interprocess Communication that scales with the number of cores that the end-user has, while achiving a 99.9%ile of less than 100µs. Currently Windows only, and still very much WIP to say the minimum.
  • AMD Encoder (for OBS Studio): Directly use the AMD Encoder in OBS Studio! No longer actively maintained after a "discussion" with the core OBS maintainer.
  • FFmpeg Encoders (for OBS Studio): FFmpeg Encoders directly in OBS Studio! Merged into StreamFX.
  • Prop Hunt Extended (for Garry's Mod): A complete from scratch reimagination of the Prop Hunt game mode for modern Garry's Mod. Easy to customize, and even easier to use! Temporarily halted due to lack of time and interest in Garry's Mod.

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Featured work

  1. Xaymar/obs-StreamFX

    StreamFX is a plugin for OBS® Studio which adds many new effects, filters, sources, transitions and encoders! Be it 3D Transform, Blur, complex Masking, or even custom shaders, you'll find it all h…

  2. Xaymar/PropHuntExtended

    A full rewrite of the original Prop Hunt gamemode, designed to be easily editable.

    Lua 9
  3. Xaymar/datapath

    Cross-Platform High Performance (<100µs) IPC Library written in C++

    C++ 7
  4. Xaymar/js-dsi18n

    Simple I18n Library for JavaScript

    JavaScript 1

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