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Ivan Molodetskikh

Yerevan, Armenia

Hey there! I'm Ivan Molodetskikh and I work on a wide variety of open-source projects.

Here are some of the things I made:

I also contribute to a lot of other projects, for example:

If you find some of these contributions useful, and would like to support my work on current and future projects, you can do it here on GitHub Sponsors. Thank you!

Current sponsors 9


Past sponsors 7


Featured work

  1. YaLTeR/niri

    A scrollable-tiling Wayland compositor.

    Rust 2,517
  2. YaLTeR/bxt-rs

    Fastest video recording and TAS tools for Half-Life & mods.

    Rust 38
  3. YaLTeR/wl-clipboard-rs

    A safe Rust crate for working with the Wayland clipboard.

    Rust 215
  4. YaLTeR/plitki

    An experimental vertical scrolling rhythm game engine.

    Rust 21
  5. YaLTeR/BunnymodXT

    Speedrun and TAS tool for Half-Life & friends.

    C++ 198
  6. YaLTeR/MouseTweaks

    A Minecraft mod that enhances inventory management.

    Java 111

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