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OSS contributor of 10+ years. Sponsorship is far from expected, but greatly appreciated.


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Featured work

  1. ZaneH/piano-trainer

    Memorize piano scales with ease! A piano practice program w/ MIDI support. Consider it an interactive reference manual 🎹

    TypeScript 1,380
  2. ZaneH/firetv-remote

    A web app that can control your Amazon FireTV (Stick). Just startup Node, fill in your device's IP address and use your web browser as a remote. (Enable ADB debugging)

  3. ZaneH/tweak-series

    Repo for YouTube series teaching iOS tweak development.

    Logos 58
  4. ZaneH/metronome

    A cross-platform metronome. Includes a tempo tapper, themes, and more!

    TypeScript 29
  5. ZaneH/wavr

    A Shopify alternative. Complete with PayPal integration, promo codes, file uploads, tags, and more.

    TypeScript 4
  6. ZaneH/jenkins-docker-full

    A complete template for running Jenkins in Docker with connected "agent" containers. This template also pushes a build image to a local registry.

    Python 4

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