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Matt Joiner

'Strayan Alps

I work on projects related to BitTorrent, DHT, video streaming, concurrency, Go and more.


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Featured work

  1. anacrolix/torrent

    Full-featured BitTorrent client package and utilities

  2. anacrolix/dms

    A UPnP DLNA Digital Media Server that includes basic video transcoding. Tested on a Panasonic Viera television, several Android UPnP apps, and Chromecast.

  3. anacrolix/dht

    dht is used by anacrolix/torrent, and is intended for use as a library in other projects both torrent related and otherwise

  4. anacrolix/confluence

    Torrent client as a HTTP service

  5. anacrolix/btlink

    a HTTP(s) addressing scheme for BitTorrent

    Go 30
  6. anacrolix/cove

    A combined BitTorrent frontend and DHT indexer for personal use

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You want access to some unreleased work, such as my dht-indexer, or various BitTorrent apps.

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