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My Projects

My most popular projects include:

  • Clean Architecture - a solution template for building .NET Core applications
  • ApiEndpoints - a better way to organize API endpoints in ASP.NET Core
  • GuardClauses - a Nuget package with extensible guard clauses to help clean up your codebase
  • SmartEnum - A base class that lets you replace enums with rich classes that retain enum-like behavior
  • Specification - A robust implementation of the specification design pattern from DDD
  • Result - A Result type for use in services that can easily be mapped to IActionResult/ActionResult in web APIs

Why Sponsor

Sponsoring is something I'm experimenting with. My expectation is that having sponsors will provide me with more incentive to work on my open source projects that you find helpful. Without sponsorship, my priorities may lead more toward working on billable work at the expense of open source projects. I expect I'll care more about having 50 people supporting me at $5/mo than one company at $250/mo, because what motivates me most is helping large numbers of developers be more successful.

Other Options

If you're looking for my services for training, reach out to me at If you'd like career/technical coaching from me, I recommend you check out Thanks!

Current sponsors 2


Past sponsors 17


Featured work

  1. ardalis/CleanArchitecture

    Clean Architecture Solution Template: A starting point for Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core

  2. ardalis/GuardClauses

    A simple package with guard clause extensions.

  3. ardalis/SmartEnum

    A base class for quickly and easily creating strongly typed enum replacements in C#.

  4. dotnet-architecture/eShopOnWeb

    Sample ASP.NET Core 8.0 reference application, powered by Microsoft, demonstrating a layered application architecture with monolithic deployment model. Download the eBook PDF from docs folder.

  5. ardalis/ApiEndpoints

    A project for supporting API Endpoints in ASP.NET Core web applications.

  6. ardalis/Specification

    Base class with tests for adding specifications to a DDD model

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Just say thanks. Maybe I'll grab a coffee. You'll get a Sponsor badge 🎖 on your profile! It's a WIN - WIN!

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🥪 Lunch Tier

Buy me lunch! A few of these sponsors and I can set aside an extra hour per month to work on my open source projects and Nuget packages. THANKS!

$50 a month


🍴 Dinner Tier

At this level, I can probably take my wife out to dinner every couple of months. Trust me, this has a direct impact on how much time I'm able to contribute to open source efforts. We both thank you.

$250 a month


🥉 Bronze Tier

At this level you've got my attention. No, seriously, I mean, if you need assistance you should feel free to email me and expect a response. Basically in addition to supporting the projects I work on I'll also support you for up to an hour per month.

$500 a month


🥈 Silver Tier

Need help integrating one of my projects into your system? Need a presentation on how to leverage design patterns or DDD in your team? At this level you really help support my projects, and I'm willing to give you 2 hours of support per month, which could include a live call or webinar.

$1,000 a month


🥇 Gold Tier

At this point you have me on retainer. You'll be able to reach me day-to-day to chat, and your thoughts on the direction and priorities of my projects will be considered.

$6,000 a month


🤖 Adamantium Tier

At this level of sponsorship, you'll be able to work closely with me and provide direction on one or more open source projects, or invite me to participate in your own open source projects.