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Armbian is leading investor into LTS for custom ARM based hardware sold by Orangepi, FriendlyElec, Radxa and many others.

Software support is mainly maintained by community and only our group invests tens of thousands of volunteering work every year.

Our work is directly or indirectly used by many Linux distributions that are providing images for ARM based single board computers under.

  • low specs hw optimized Linux based OS build around Debian family,
  • LTS for most used devices which are long forgotten by their makers,
  • simple to use advanced SDK.

Having a well maintained open source base allows users to incrementally replace quickly assembled and forgotten factory software or switch from security hazardous and unmaintained images that are floating on the internet. Our development process is professional and transparent.

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Everyone would like to code. It's fun! But when fun and excitement fades down, people move on, while code stays, bugs are waiting to be discovered. Maintaining SBCs and build framework represent significant effort which most of the volunteers tries to avoid. By providing some compensation to the people, that dedicates some of their time daily, helps them to continue working on various improvements, maintenance tasks, bug fixes and documentation improvement. All of which would translate to smoother experience for the end users.

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Featured work

  1. armbian/build

    Armbian Linux build framework generates custom Debian or Ubuntu image for x86, aarch64, riscv64 & armhf

    Shell 3,860
  2. armbian/os

    Armbian operating system rolling releases provides automated nightly builds of maintained targets

    Shell 114

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