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Hello and thank you for going to my sponsors page!
I have been an IT developer since 15 years.
I specialize in computer security, I develop a lot of software on this theme.

I have good knowledge in nodeJs & npm, I create desktop app with nodeJS.
I have developed several php/sql scripts.
I also have a lot of knowledge of linux (my favorite ubuntu) and everything related to networking.

List of skills for which I have expertise or solid knowledge, and which I use regularly.

Domain Competences
Technologies W3C web standards: HTML 5, CSS 3, XML, DOM, Web components, Web API, SVG ... Frontend development with Webpack, babelJS, NPM, jQuery, Backbone, Grunt ...
Languages C/C++, PHP, Javascript, Jquery
Environments Mainly under GNU/Linux, sometimes under Windows
Databases PostGreSql, MySQL, Sqlite
Tools Git, Mercurial, Subversion
SystemAdmin Apache, Nginx, PHP-fpm

If you want more information about my work, contact me!

Featured work

  1. atmoner/TwitWork

    Monitor twitter stream from nodejs electron

    JavaScript 263
  2. atmoner/Bittystream

    Torrent streamer

    HTML 11
  3. atmoner/bootstrap-electron


    JavaScript 1
  4. atmoner/esp32-electron

    Connect Esp32 to electronJs

    JavaScript 2
  5. atmoner/twitterAuth-cli

    NodeJs twitterAuth-cli

    JavaScript 2
  6. atmoner/nodeIptracer

    Get info and track ip

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