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Daejeon - South Korea

Hi, let me introduce myself, Azkadev, I am a programmer who really likes creating libraries to make things easier for other people. I make all library programs that can be scaled to a business scale

Apart from that, the libraries I make have basic templates, making it easier for you to use them.

Currently I still use Dart / Flutter as my main coding language, most likely later I will create my own coding language.

Some leaks of the code language that I will make later

  1. Using a Dart-like Style Code
  2. Cross Platform Support
  3. Can be compiled into binaries / shared libraries
  4. very fast and efficient
  5. Support Make Application with standarization flutter code

If you are interested in some of the features I mentioned above, come on quickly support me, I need funds to work on that project, if the low level language project I mentioned earlier is successful

This allows me, you, other people to create programs easily and efficiently

Come on, support me with my sponsors:

A financial support can help me ensure the quality, stability, performance (& other parameters) of the project you or your company depends upon. This will also serve as a source of motivation to continue doing this & spare my time for something people find valuable.

I truly appreciate your love & support for the work that I do. Thanks for believing in me.

Please do not feel obliged to sponsor me, only if you can afford. Also, please don't hesitate when you decide to cancel it. Any form of support is appreciated.

if you want to see the project that I am currently maintaining

if you want to see some other things that


If I have reached the goal of 50 dollars per month, I can focus on developing libraries / open source requests, and I'm not a freelancer anymore

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Featured work

  1. azkadev/general


    C++ 277
  2. azkadev/server_universe

    Server Universe Library For Help you make server rest api on cross platform support edge functions Supabase, Vercel, Netlify, cloud Flare and more

    Dart 57

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