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๐Ÿ“ก Maintainer of LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient, widely used implementations of the Remote Framebuffer Protocol a.k.a. Virtual Network Computing.

๐Ÿ“บ Creator and Maintainer of MultiVNC, a Multicast-enabled VNC Remote Desktop Client.

โœ๏ธ Creator and Maintainer of Gromit-MPX, a tool to make graphical annotations on a desktop screen.

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Featured work

  1. bk138/gromit-mpx

    Gromit-MPX is an on-screen annotation tool that works with any Unix desktop environment under X11 as well as Wayland.

  2. bk138/multivnc

    MultiVNC is a cross-platform Multicast-enabled VNC viewer based on LibVNCClient. The desktop version runs on Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. There also is an Android version.

    C++ 441
  3. bk138/droidVNC-NG

    VNC server app for Android that does not require root privileges.

    Java 1,194
  4. LibVNC/libvncserver

    LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient are cross-platform C libraries that allow you to easily implement VNC server or client functionality in your program.

  5. bk138/Multicast-Client-Server-Example

    This is a simple educational example of an IPv4/IPv6 multicast client and server, running under UNIX and Win32.

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