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Build Trust for Data-in-Motion

Ockam has two sponsorship programs:

1. Contributor Matching

Ockam sponsors open source builders who are making it possible for software to be more private and secure-by-design. This includes builders of tools we depend on.

Under our matching program, if you sponsor the Ockam Open Source project, we will match your contribution and pass it along to other open source developers. For example: If you sponsor Ockam for $10 a month, we will match your $10, and will send $20 back out into the community.

Here's how it works:
⭐️ Star Ockam on Github
💖 Sponsor the Ockam Project for any amount.
🔥 We'll 2x that amount and sponsor other open source developers.

This program is meant for individuals.

2. Build Trust Together

Ockam is designed to accept add-on modules. Core components, like Transports and Vaults, are all pluggable in Ockam. Let's build an Ockam Add-on together.

This program is meant for companies that want to sponsor an add-on to their product, or an add-on that's specific to their use case.

📖 Learn more about Ockam at and
⭐️ Star the Ockam repo on Github so more people learn about Ockam and our Open Source Sponsorship Matching Program.


There are two goals of the Ockam OSS Sponsorship program. 1) To give back to the OSS maintainers that the Ockam project relies upon. When you make a $10/mo sponsorship of the Ockam repo, we will match your sponsorship and pass along $20 to the community! 2) To accelerate Ockam add-ons development. These sponsorship tiers are intended for companies that want to help build and support an Ockam integration into their product.

Current sponsors 1


Past sponsors 1


Featured work

  1. build-trust/ockam

    Orchestrate end-to-end encryption, cryptographic identities, mutual authentication, and authorization policies between distributed applications – at massive scale.

    Rust 4,375

1% towards 1000 monthly sponsors goal


mattgreg sponsors this goal

Select a tier

$ a month

Choose a custom amount.

$10 a month



Ockam is a sponsor of individual maintainers of open source projects.

Your contribution will be matched by Ockam Inc and passed through to individuals who are making it possible for software to be more private and secure-by-design. This includes builders of tools we depend on.

$6,000 a month


Add-on Maintainer:
We've collaborated to built an Add-on. Let's maintain it!

$12,000 a month


Add-on Builder:
Move your add-on to the top of our build list. This tier is intended for companies that want to fast-track an add-on integration between Ockam and their hardware or service.