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San Francisco, CA

πŸ‘‹ Fellow Developer,

Everything we do at "Casbin headquarters" centers around making web developers fast, happy, and productive. That mission is what drives us every day. It's at the core of all the code we write.

Currently, Casbin is a team of around 10, partially funded by the GitHub sponsors community. Every dime we receive goes straight to funding work on the project and making it better for everyone!

πŸ™ If you use Casbin, a monthly contribution would mean A WHOLE LOT to us and let us continue pouring our hearts into this project and the community surrounding it ❀️.

πŸ’₯You da bomb-diggity!



It will help us iterate our products even faster!!

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$19 a month


Basic Plan: for small teams, with limited technical support (via Tickets)

  • 2 Organizations
  • 1000 Users
  • 10 Providers
  • 5 Applications

$99 a month


Premium Plan: for fast growing start-ups, with full technical support (8x5)

  • 5 Organizations
  • 10000 Users
  • 30 Providers
  • 20 Applications

$299 a month


Enterprise Plan: for large & medium-sized enterprise, with full technical support (8x5)

  • 20 Organizations
  • 100000 Users
  • 100 Providers
  • 50 Applications