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Karlsruhe, Germany

I mostly create low-level & infrastructure software, which is more on the unsexy side of programming.
If you like fast software without a lot of dependencies and clear cut architecture, I'd be delighted if you sponsor me.

Featured work

  1. cbdevnet/midimonster

    Multi-protocol control & translation software (ArtNet, MIDI, OSC, sACN, ...)

  2. cbdevnet/ipmagnet

    Check which IP adresses your BitTorrent client is handing out to trackers

    JavaScript 254
  3. cmail-mta/cmail

    SQLite-backed mail processing suite

  4. cbdevnet/rtl2dot

    C call graph generator

    Python 52
  5. cbdevnet/websocksy

    Highly configurable dynamic WebSocket bridge

  6. cbdevnet/fugit

    _Really_ lightweight git access control

    Shell 26

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