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Berlin, Germany

About me

Hi and thanks for getting here!

As some of you might already know, I contribute a lot of open source projects to the community.
Some of those projects are heavily used by many companies and individuals and some projects are still evolving. To give you a quick overview about the areas I contribute to, have a look below:


I am the creator and maintainer of the Devilbox - a modern Docker LAMP and MEAN stack for local development.


PHP community

I am always up-to-speed when it comes to the latest PHP versions and also provide sneak previews. Everything dockerized and according to PHP's standard of building images. Most notably:

Related Docker images

DevOps community







AWS login

AWS login

Continuous Integration (dockerized)

I create and maintain a lot of docker images for continuous integration with the goal to have locally and remotely reproducible tests. Some of those images are also enhanced to provide more functionality than the original project itself.

For all images at a glance, view the GitHub topic: #awesome-ci as well as the Makefiles repository which provides easy copy/paste solutions for CI.

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Featured work

  1. cytopia/devilbox

    A modern Docker LAMP stack and MEAN stack for local development

  2. cytopia/ffscreencast

    ffscreencast - ffmpeg screencast/desktop-recording with video overlay and multi monitor support

    Shell 1,766
  3. cytopia/awesome-ci

    Awesome Continuous Integration - Lot's of tools for git, file and static source code analysis.

    Shell 329
  4. cytopia/linux-timemachine

    Rsync-based OSX-like time machine for Linux, MacOS and BSD for atomic and resumable local and remote backups

    Shell 763
  5. cytopia/thunar-custom-actions

    Custom actions for Thunar (or Nautilus) File manager

    Shell 141
  6. cytopia/mysqldump-secure

    [sh] Encrypted mysqldump script with compression, logging, blacklisting and Nagios/Icinga monitoring integration

    Shell 145

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