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Hi there, I'm Daffa

In the last 1 year, I made so many tools such as Git-Secret and apiguesser. I also created a repository containing important notes for bug hunters like AllAboutBugBounty or all-about-apikey. I am also an active contributor to nuclei-templates, and I have also donated approximately 600 templates to the community


Sponsors help me keep on making new tools that can help bug hunters do their job. And also with this sponsorship, it makes me excited to always contribute to open-source projects like nuclei


I can help my parents to pay for my boarding house

Featured work

  1. daffainfo/match-replace-burp

    Useful "Match and Replace" burpsuite rules

  2. daffainfo/all-about-apikey

    Detailed information about API key / OAuth token (Description, Request, Response, Regex, Example)

  3. daffainfo/Git-Secret

    Go scripts for finding sensitive data like API key / some keywords in the github repository

  4. daffainfo/my-nuclei-templates

    Some contributions in the nuclei-templates repository

  5. daffainfo/apiguesser

    Go script to guess an API key / OAuth token found during pentest. CLI version of

    Go 41

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