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IoAbstraction, TcMenu, TaskManagerIO, and supporting libraries make developing event-driven embedded software much easier.

The funds are used to pay my overheads, including server hosting, the cost of developer platforms (Apple developer, EV certificate), accountancy, and other tools. After that, any spare would pay me for my time!


With this number, the deployment certificate for Windows, Apple license for notarization, and the cost of tools and boards may just be covered!

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Featured work

  1. davetcc/tcMenu

    Menu library for Arduino, mbed and ESP with designer UI and remote control capabilities.

    Java 268
  2. davetcc/IoAbstraction

    Rotary encoders, fully debounced switches, EEPROM support on Arduino and mbed - direct and over I2C

    C++ 158
  3. davetcc/TaskManagerIO

    A task, event, scheduling, and interrupt marshalling library for Arduino and mbed boards.

    C++ 115
  4. davetcc/tcMenuLib

    TcMenu modular IoT menu library supporting rotary encoder, joysticks, many displays, and remote control over Ethernet and Serial

    C++ 108

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