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I'm writing software for radio communications in space. Contributing to various open source projects along the way. Bringing best practices from enterprise development to the open source.

I'm the author of r2cloud - globally distributed network of base stations. These base stations can track satellites and share the data with the scientists, enthusiasts and satellite operators.


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Featured work

  1. dernasherbrezon/r2cloud

    Decode satellite signals on Raspberry PI or any other 64-bit CPU.

    Java 255
  2. dernasherbrezon/sdr-server

    High performant TCP server for rtl-sdr

  3. dernasherbrezon/jradio

    Software radio decoding

    Java 56
  4. dernasherbrezon/fingerprint-maven-plugin

    Maven plugin for web resources optimization

    Java 7
  5. dernasherbrezon/apt-maven-plugin

    Maven plugin to deploy into remote debian repository

    Java 5
  6. dernasherbrezon/deb-maven-plugin

    maven plugin for .deb packaging

    Java 6

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