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My real name is Batuhan Apaydın, but if you know me as a developer-guy, that’s ok 🙈 because I’ve used this name for my social accounts such as GitHub, Twitter, etc. I started my career as a Java Backend Engineer. Still, my interest always has been working as closely as possible with Go, containers, Kubernetes, and other Cloud-native technologies because if there is something that I like most is working with the most recent technologies, this is why I call myself technology enthusiastic. I can genuinely say that I’m now where I always wanted to be because I’m working on a Container team in my company, so we are working on the container, Go, and Kubernetes technologies.

Other the other hand side I’m trying to be more active in the Cloud-native community in Turkey this is why I’m also an organizer of the two most popular organizations in Turkey: DevOpsTr and Cloud Native Türkiye & Kubernetes.

In addition to my daily work, I started contributing to the open-source one year ago, which changed my life. Working with open source helped make my work more visible to the community. I mainly contributed to several official CNCF projects, such as Flux, Kyverno, ko, Falco, etc., by writing code, sometimes improving the documentation, and sometimes writing a good blog post. But, for this one year, on the other hand, my interest was very much in software supply chain security; this is why I started contributing to the Sigstore tools, especially cosign.

I noticed that people who might want to learn more about the updates in the software supply chain security space need help because so many things are happening simultaneously. Accordingly, I helped many organizations’ projects to make them aware of the risks associated with the SSCS and integrated them with Sigstore tools to mitigate them; this is why the Sigstore community gave me the “Best Sigstore Evangelist” award in the SigstoreCon happened this year:

Also, for people who might not be aware of the community, I created for Software Supply Chain Security to share the knowledge around the SSCS, which is the hottest topic. You will find many great blogs, news, videos, etc., there. Please do not forget to join if you haven’t joined yet.


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