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Greetings! My name is Ronald Joe Record. I live in Santa Cruz, California with my cat, Sgt. Pepper. I was (am?) a hippy mathematician, devoting much of my life to environmental issues, raising children, studying Chaos Theory, and appreciating the breathtaking beauty of our world.

I have created and maintained many open source Github repositories for decades. These repositories provide a variety of features and utility in areas such as fractal mathematics, cryptocurrency, media editing and manipulation, audio player control, home automation, MagicMirror modules and control utilities, and more.

I have joined the Github Sponsorship program in order to fund my activity on these projects and future projects, all of which are distributed under a free and open source license. If you feel you would like to support my efforts and sponsor these projects, I extend my heartfelt thanks and respect.

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I'd love to reach at least 10 sponsors. That would inspire me to create and distribute even more open source projects.


Featured work

  1. doctorfree/Asciiville

    ASCII Art, Animation, and Utilities

    Shell 82
  2. doctorfree/MusicPlayerPlus

    Featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc with integration for Beets, spectrum visualization,Bandcamp/Soundcloud, asciimatics, cantata, and more

    Shell 69
  3. doctorfree/RoonCommandLine

    The Roon Command Line project provides Bash and Python scripts to enable command line control of the Roon audio system over a local network.

    Shell 18
  4. doctorfree/DriveCommandLine

    Manage Google Drive from the command line

    Shell 1
  5. doctorfree/DoctorFreeScripts

    Utility Bash shell scripts I've written - typically these will run on Unix, Linux, OS X, and Cygwin

    Shell 14
  6. doctorfree/MirrorCommand

    An extensive set of scripts to initialize, configure, monitor, and manage a MagicMirror

    JavaScript 8

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