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The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen.

Why sponsor us?

Thousands of folks use Dokku to provide an enterprise-grade platform as a service experience on their own hardware. We reduce the complexity of deploying and maintaining applications and underlying services so you can get to work on the parts that actually matter to your business, such as actual product development.

Dokku provides integrations with a variety of platforms, including Docker Local, Kubernetes, and Nomad. Additionally, we provide easy-to-use integrations for the top OSS datastores, including Redis, Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB, as well as other common functionality such as Letsencrypt support.

With Dokku, developers no longer need to toil on a server to figure out dependencies and hope those scripts work 6 months from now when they need to rebuild their server. Dokku has your back when it comes to building and managing the lifecycle of your applications.

What are we working on today?

Outside of the work towards a 1.0 release, the Dokku project is now refocusing a bit to better support the following:

  • planned upgrades to the various datastore plugins
  • better app setup automation (via app.json and our ansible integration)
  • a new documentation website to enable doc search
  • various standalone golang binaries of use to the Docker community
  • tighter integration with alternative schedulers such as Kubernetes and Nomad

With your support, we'll be able to focus even more on the above, making it even easier to setup and use Dokku.


Once we hit $1000 a month, we'll add support to Dokku for docker-compose based deployments as described in #5102. Users will be able to optionally define a docker-compose.yaml that Dokku will respect for deployments, simplifying the process of onboarding to Dokku for more complex projects.

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Featured work

  1. dokku/dokku

    A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications

    Shell 26,326
  2. dokku/dokku-letsencrypt

    Automatic Let's Encrypt TLS Certificate installation for dokku

    Shell 1,066
  3. dokku/ansible-dokku

    Ansible modules for installing and configuring Dokku

    Python 155
  4. dokku/sshcommand

    Turn SSH into a thin client specifically for your app

    Shell 375
  5. dokku/dokku-scheduler-kubernetes

    Scheduler plugin for deploying applications to kubernetes

    Shell 148
  6. dokku/dokku-postgres

    a postgres plugin for dokku

    Shell 469

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$10 a month


❤️ Thank you! You're helping me regularly support the core and related projects, as well as regularly blog content that is useful to the Dokku community.

$50 a month


🤩 You're awesome, and your contributions will help support further development on crucial community plugins such as letsencrypt and scheduler-kubernetes.

$100 a month


😻 Did you ever know that you're our hero? Feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to send out a few stickers as thanks for your support.

$200 a month


🌟 I'll send out a link to a - recorded - private session happening once a month where I'll discuss Dokku and it's general development direction.

$3,000 a month


💼 Corporate sponsor. Contact for details.