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Karlsruhe, Germany

Hi, I am ElKowar from Germany!
I've been in love with Linux and open-source for many years, and am passionate about bringing new ideas and possibilities to fellow Linux-enthusiasts.
My primary project, Eww, started with me wanting to make it possible for more people to implement their creative ideas around desktop UI and workflow designs easily, and thus allow more diversity and creativity to exist in the linux customization space.


Reaching 112358 sponsors would mean having the start of the Fibonacci series be my sponsor count, which would be a weird flex!

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Featured work

  1. elkowar/eww

    ElKowars wacky widgets

    Rust 8,709
  2. elkowar/pipr

    A tool to interactively write shell pipelines.

    Rust 448
  3. unixporn/robbb

    The main bot for the r/unixporn discord server!

    Rust 128

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