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Ourense, Galiza

Hi! I'm Lito 👋👋

I'm a PHP developer (mainly) who loves to code.

I'm working in a some great full-featured PHP projects like:

Also I have some packages to help Laravel Comunity like:

Some generic PHP Packages like:

And some others like:

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Featured work

  1. eusonlito/laravel-Meta

    HTML Meta Tags management package available for for Laravel >= 5 (Including 10)

    JavaScript 195
  2. eusonlito/Password-Manager

    Self-hosted Password Manager based on Laravel 10 + PHP 8 + MySQL 8. Gestor de Contraseñas basado en Laravel 10 + PHP 8 + MySQL 8.

    PHP 214
  3. eusonlito/redsys-TPV

    Controlador en PHP para pasarelas de pago (TPV) Redsys / Sermepa / Servired

    PHP 60
  4. eusonlito/GPS-Tracker

    GPS Tracker platform for Sinotrack, Coban, Teltonika, Concox, Jimilab, OsmAnd and Queclink devices built with Laravel 11 + PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8. Plataforma GPS Tracker para dispositivos Sinotrack Si…

    PHP 137
  5. eusonlito/crypto

    Plataforma multiusuario para gestión de cryptos en PHP 8.3 y Laravel 10

    PHP 31
  6. eusonlito/Sublime-Text-ChatGPT

    A Sublime Text Plugin/Package to connect with OpenAI ChatGPT

    Python 42

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