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My name is Serhiy.

I am writing open source software in my free time. I also would like it to stay this way. Mostly interested in golang project and computer vision. I, therefore, don't see GitHub sponsors as a way to earn money with open source. I rather see it as a platform for people who like my work to say "thank you".

If you find some time, please write me a short message about which project you like and how you use it in your daily work or for your projects.

Best wishes,

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Featured work

  1. exelban/tensorflow-cifar-10

    Cifar-10 CNN implementation using TensorFlow library with 20% error.

    Python 90
  2. exelban/myo-armband-nn

    Gesture recognition using myo armband via neural network (tensorflow library).

    Python 38
  3. exelban/react-swipe-component

    Swipe bindings for react

    TypeScript 46
  4. exelban/stats

    macOS system monitor in your menu bar

    Swift 22,542
  5. actions-hub/gcloud

    GitHub Action for interacting with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    Shell 225

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