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Frederic Charette

Montreal, Canada

Who am I ?

Hi! My name is Frederic Charette, I'm a tech professional from Montreal, Canada. I've worked in many industries over the past 12 years and I would love to help you build your next big idea.

I currently maintain a few open-source libraries, like:

and many, many others!

Why should you sponsor me ?

Sponsoring means that I have more freedom to continue working on my existing libraries and develop new ones.
Higher tiers are eligible for direct consulting and architecture planning. I have strong experience in the e-comm, gaming, multimedia and financial sectors.

Just want to show your love ? Buy me a beer :)

1 sponsor has funded fed135’s work.


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$1 a month


One beer

This tier gives you access to premium support for all of my existing libraries.

  • Prioritised feature requests

$2 a month


Two beers

This tier gives you access to premium support for all of my existing libraries as well as:

  • Prioritised feature requests
  • Chat support

$500 a month


One keg

This tier introduces a set amount of monthly live consulting.
Rates to be determined based on the nature of the work

$1,000 a month


Two kegs

This tier introduces architecture roadmaps for your project.
Following live consulting sessions, I will be able to produce detailed technical roadmaps for your team.