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We started Flipper to make it easier to release software confidently, and we made it open source because we believe that’s the best way to share great ideas.

We started Flipper Cloud to make it easier for teams to release software confidently together. We know that many companies rely on Flipper but can't use Cloud (yet… 😉) for compliance and other reasons.

By sponsoring Flipper on GitHub, you are investing in the software that you depend on and helping sustain the development of Flipper. And you get a few other great perks.

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  1. flippercloud/flipper

    🐬 Beautiful, performant feature flags for Ruby.

    Ruby 3,599

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Help us improve Flipper and get a shoutout in our Release Notes along with a Flipper Cloud subscription with 5 free seats.

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Invest in the future of Flipper and get 2 hours/month of pair-programming on your project, your bug reports and feature requests will be prioritized, and Flipper Cloud subscription with 50 free seats. We’ll even join your company chat to support and collaborate with your team.