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Hello, this is Foxlet! Since 2018, I've made contributions to the Void Linux and ReactOS open source projects, but also most recently developed macOS-Simple-KVM. I wanted to make it easier to support the development of Simple-KVM (and also give something in return), so here's where you can find out.

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Featured work

  1. foxlet/macOS-Simple-KVM

    Tools to set up a quick macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM.

    Shell 13,539
  2. PsychoTea/MeridianJB

    An iOS 10.x Jailbreak for all 64-bit devices.

    Objective-C 209
  3. foxlet/minimal-amd-xnu

    As-vanilla-as-possible AMD XNU kernel.

  4. foxlet/void-packages

    The Void source packages collection

    Shell 5

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