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Hi, I'm Ggicci from Huzhou, a small city of Zhejiang province in China. Currently I'm living in Toronto.

I love coding. So I would spend some time almost every weekend writing some bugs code either in a coffee shop or at home. I make every effort to build tiny and beautiful software with the hope that they can bring value to this community. Yeah~ ”Built with ❤️ by developers for developers.“

Here is the project I've been actively maintaining: httpin, which is a Go package for processing HTTP request parameters. If you are developing web services with Golang, do NOT miss it!!!

Apart from coding. I also enjoy many other things and activities during my life, e.g. coffee, working out, sunshine & beach, etc.

To come back to the point, I'm not sure about how to spend the funds. Maybe I will buy some coffee beans to improve my skills of making pour-over coffee 😝. But one thing I have to call out is, whether it's your comments, stars, or sponsorships, they will all give me great encourgement, to build better software.

Best wishes to you & me 😺

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Featured work

  1. ggicci/httpin

    🍡 HTTP Input for Go - HTTP Request from/to Go Struct (Bi-directional Data Binding between Go Struct and http.Request)

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