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An Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Allegheny College, I innovate in technical areas such as software engineering, software testing, and data science. I teach courses, conduct research, write papers and a blog, give presentations, create software, and serve organizations. You can learn more about my teaching and research by visiting my professional web site!

Featured work

  1. GatorEducator/gatorgrader

    ✔️ Automated Grading Tool that Checks the Work of Writers and Programmers

    Python 79
  2. redecheck/redecheck

    ⚡ Automatically Detecting Layout Failures in Responsive Web Pages

    Java 16
  3. schemaanalyst/schemaanalyst

    ➰ Search-based Test Data Generation for Relational Database Schemas

    Java 23
  4. gkapfham/

    🌠 Lightning Fast, Fun, and Mobile-ready Web Site for Gregory M. Kapfhammer

    HTML 2
  5. AVMf/avmf

    🔩 Framework and Java implementation of the Alternating Variable Method

    Java 14
  6. gkapfham/dotfiles

    🔋 Configuration "Dotfiles" for Programs used by Gregory M. Kapfhammer

    Lua 14

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