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By sponsoring me, you're not just supporting my caffeine habit (although that's a great bonus!). You're helping me dedicate more time and energy to creating open-source software.

Feel free to explore my repositories, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to discuss. Let's connect and make great things happen!

Happy coding ! πŸš€


My goal is to receive 4 monthly tips to support my development work and cover my coffee expenses β˜•οΈ

Featured work

  1. guillaC/SQLiteDiskExplorer

    SQLiteDiskExplorer enables you to explore, catalog, and batch extract SQLite files from disks and removable media.

    C# 12
  2. guillaC/NotePrivee

    Simple self destructing note site

    C# 13
  3. guillaC/BatchObfuscator

    Obfuscator for batch script

    C# 54
  4. guillaC/CaptchaNoJS

    Captcha DLL for ASP.NET (core, mvc, ..)

    C# 3
  5. guillaC/wsManager

    Webshell Manager

  6. guillaC/JSBatchobfuscator

    JSBatchobfuscator is a simple obfuscator for batch script

    HTML 53

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