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Patrick Scheibe

Leipzig, Germany

As a researcher, I care for being open with knowledge and code. It makes the world a much better place, where we can use programs freely and look into implementations of complete strangers to understand algorithms or APIs. Over the years, I've been working on different projects either just for fun or because they were related to my work:

Besides the repositories on GitHub, I'm a high-reputation user on the Mathematica StackExchange site where I provide solutions to many answers and share my knowledge freely.

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Featured work

  1. halirutan/IntelliJ-Key-Promoter-X

    Modern IntelliJ plugin to learn shortcuts for buttons

    Java 3,043
  2. halirutan/Wolfram-Language-IntelliJ-Plugin-Archive

    Wolfram Language and Mathematica plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

    Java 193
  3. halirutan/WolframLanguage-Google-Prettify

    Wolfram Language support for Google Code Prettify

    HTML 4
  4. halirutan/Mathematica-SE-Tools

    A package providing a palette to upload images and data to mathematica.stackexchange

    Mathematica 21
  5. halirutan/HeyexImport

    This Mathematica package lets you import data from the Heidelberg Spectralis OCT

    Mathematica 6
  6. halirutan/spectralis-raw-data

    Java library and Wolfram Language package for Spectralis OCT raw data files

    Java 2

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